Last year, the percentage of people in America donating time to charity hit its lowest level since the government began tracking volunteerism.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statics, the volunteer rate declined 1.1 points to a rate of 25.4 percent in 2013. Some 62.6 million people performed unpaid work through or for organizations from September 2012 to September 2013. The BLS notes that the volunteer rate for 2013 was the lowest since it began tracking the data in 2002, when the volunteer rate was 27.6 percent.

Women volunteered more than men, 28.4 percent to 22.2 percent respectively, across all major demographic groups. And people ages 35-44 years old were more likely than all other age groups to volunteer with a rate of 30.6 percent. People 20-24 year olds were the least likely to donate their time, with people in that age group volunteering at a rate of 18.5 percent.

Among racial and ethnic groups, whites volunteered at the highest rate 27.1 percent and Hispanics volunteered at the lowest levels (15.5 percent). The black volunteer rate dropped the most out of all the major racial and ethnic groups, declining 2.6 percentage points in 2013 to 18.5 percent.

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