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Godsmack is nearing its 20th anniversary.  So frontman Sully Erna says it felt right that the group ended up writing the song "1000hp," which deals with the band's beginnings. 

Erna says they probably couldn't have penned the lead single and title track from their new album at any other point in their career.  Plus, he notes that it only came together once they were all in the same room after writing some of the other new songs separately.  In Erna's mind, that's when they came up with the album's strongest material. 

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Godsmack recently performed at the iHeartRadio Theater in New York City recently. Check out their performance of "1000hp" below!

The guys also spent some time backstage before their exclusive iHeartRadio show ... saying nice things ... in Godsmack fashion. Check it out:

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