(Yahoo!) We spent much of the spring, in the run-up to the NFL draft, discussing just how good this crop of rookie wide receivers could be. That talk continues, and if the early returns are any indication, it might be a truly special group.

Sammy Watkins has been making circus catches on a routine basis in Buffalo Bills camp.Brandin Cooks looks like the real deal in the New Orleans Saints' high-voltage offense.Kelvin Benjamin has stepped up as the No. 1 receiver Cam Newton needs. All three were first-round picks, and none have done much to disappoint yet.

Watkins might not have done much in two preseason games so far, but he certainly has looked — and sounded — terrific in practice so far.

Cooks, meanwhile, has started cranking it up and has some people talking him up as an Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate and the man most likely to help replace Darren Sproles. Check out the move Cooks put on St. Louis Rams rookie corner E.J. Gaines on a 25-yard catch, run and score.

Cooks also has been making plays like this on a regular basis in Saints practice.

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Photo: Getty Images