You'll never believe how much the cast of FRIENDS is making still.

Friends is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. Even though the show went off almost 15 years ago, the episodes are still as funny as when they were originally aired. 

That is why Netflix is paying AT&T (who owns rights to Friends) $80Million to have the show on the service for 2019, and they may spend even more to extend that. 

The show was so popular that back in 2002 (Season 9) the cast negotiated $1 million per episode per cast member, this was a record for a 30 minute show. 

Consider that each cast member made $22,500 per episode in season 1, and read below what they are making still to this day.

Via The Marketplace

"The cast’s per episode paycheck wasn’t the only dough they were receiving from the show. After season six was over and it was back to the negotiation table, they all started receiving a portion of the show’s syndication profits.

Today, all six of them still receive 2 percent of syndication income, or $20 million each per year, since the show still brings in $1 billion annually for Warner Brothers. Plus, now that the Netflix deal is going through, Aniston, Cox, Kudrow, LeBlanc, Perry and Schwimmer can expect to see even more on their checks from Warner."



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