Weird News

Woman Buys $600 Worth Of Girl Scout Cookies, Tells Girls To...
Keyboard Cat Has Passed Away at Age 9
Herd of Horses Takes Over Highway Near Atlanta
Double Amputee Attempts To Make History By Climbing Mount Everest
Steakhouse Offering 200-Ounce Steak Challenge
Creepiest Doll Ever Found Sitting In A Cemetery
Kids Get Epic Revenge On Mom Who Took Their Phones
Police: FL Woman Gouged Out Mother's Eyes, Saved Them In Cardboard Box
Drew Barrymore Doesn't FaceTime Her Kids Because 'It's Disruptive'
'Grandma Stinker' Charged With Drug Dealing After Being Busted For Weed
Nearly Half a Billion Dollars Up For Grabs In Tonight's...
Father And 2-Year-Old Daughter Kicked Off Flight Because She...


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